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The community on Vulturilor 50 St. continues the resistance

The community on Vulturilor 50 St. continues the resistance

On 16.09, at 9:00 o’clock, part of the community on Vulturilor 50 set out to protest in front of Bucharest’s City Hall. Equipped with signs, banners, and megaphones, people demanded their rights: homes for everyone.

For several hours, people demanded that the mayor or other relevant authorities show up, but their demands have been completely ignored. Eventually, a few civil servants from AFL (the Administration of Housing Funds) and DSL (Housing Space Division) showed up, but, being in no position of power in this situation, all they could do was express their personal sympathy.

Around 12 o’clock, while part of the evicted community was protesting in front the City Hall, the Local Police showed up on Vulturilor with 7 vehicles, 2 vans belonging to the military police (Gendarmerie), and 5 trucks from Rosal (garbage collecting company), to collect the possessions people were storing on the street, under the claim that they obstruct public space. People opposed this action, saying that that was their camp, set up for shelter and protest. Still, people’s furniture and other belongings were taken by force and moved to Rosal’s warehouses, against their owners’ wish. They will be kept there for 15 days, then they will be thrown away unless the owners reclaim them. But where are people going to take them?

While opposing eviction and, later, confiscation, several people were pushed and hit by employees of the Local Police. The victims included children and teenagers. One of the children was also insulted by a member of the Local Police.

Under threats of beatings and more confiscations, the street was eventually mostly cleared. But the community stayed, people being determinate to maintain the camp, despite cold weather and lack of supplies. Children, young people, and ill people spent their night on chairs, blankets, mattresses, and sleeping bags, in the wind. More than half of the community spends both nights and days in the street, with no possibility for shelter.

On  17.09, the third day of protests, people are completing and updating their files for social housing, according to the law. The authorities, that could offer legal solutions, have abandoned us, hoping that people will become divided and abandon the protest and their demands. But all the intimidation attempts by the police, since the eviction day and up to today, were unsuccessful. The community on Vulturilor is not giving up and is resolute to continue resisting until its demands are met.

The community is resisting and appealing to the solidarity of anyone who sees housing rights as important rights. Show up on Vulturilor 50 to protest together against the lack of interest shown by the authorities!

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