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Serile FCDL #8: Berlinul social vs Berlinul creativ

Serile FCDL #8: Berlinul social vs Berlinul creativ

Social Berlin vs. creative Berlin.
The fight for housing justice in the wake of the „Berlin boom”



For the past 15 years, Berlin is going through a complex process of urban restructuring to acomodate neo-liberal industries and infrastructure with their violent consequences of displacement and disposession. The rebellious and artsy Berlin has increasingly become an image to sell the city – governments have advertised the supposedly multicultural and liberal spirit of Berlin to attract the so-called creative class and, with them, investors.

At the same time, the city has become more and more interesting for real estate developers and investors. The Berlin „boom” has provoked gentrification and displacement throughout the city.
But there are also people protesting rising rents, displacement and eviction.

In the event two activists from Berlin will give an overview on the problems but mostly on the resistance to these processes.

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